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Electric Boat Rentals in Boston MA

Welcome to Boston Electric Boats, your premier choice for electric boat rentals in the picturesque Boston Harbor. We offer an exceptional experience, allowing groups of friends, family, and colleagues to craft unforgettable memories while immersing themselves in the beauty of Boston Harbor from the comfort of our private floating social lounge-like environment. Discover the city’s stunning skyline and scenic waterfront from a whole new perspective with our electric boat rentals in Boston MA.

Boston Electric Boats provides two different types of boat rentals, our Be Your Own Captain boat rental and our Captain Provided Charter rental, as well as some additional services provided for each rental option. Read more about our boat rentals below!

Be Your Own Captain Boat Rental

Starting at $499 | 2 Hrs | Max 12 Passengers

Experience the freedom of being your own captain and enjoy the beautiful harbor with one of our Be Your Own Captain boat rentals in Boston MA. You or a member of your group will be able to take control and steer your way through the picturesque harbor. With our electric boat rentals, we encourage you to bring your own food and drinks to enhance your journey.

Captain Provided Charter Rental

Starting at $639 | 2 Hrs | Max 6 Passengers

Embark on a hassle-free voyage of the Boston Harbor with our Captain-Inclusive Charter, a private boat rental that comes with a licensed captain at the helm. This unique offering lets you and your group unwind, sit back, and savor the scenic beauty of the harbor while your experienced captain takes care of the navigation. When taking our captain provided charter rental, we allow passengers to bring their own snacks and drinks to enjoy while relaxing on the harbor!

Boat Rental Add-Ons

Elevate your boat rental experience with our additional services! Whether you need ice to keep your cooler chilled or desire indulgent charcuterie and dessert assortments, we offer a range of options to assist you in getting ready for your unforgettable cruise with us.

Refreshment Cooling $16:

We ensure the Yeti cooler onboard is thoroughly iced, guaranteeing your beverages stay refreshingly cold throughout your journey.

Coozie Selection $2:

Boston Electric Boats offers coozies for your cruise, available in two styles: regular (blue) or slim can (pink).

Captain's Attire $12:

Elevate your captaincy with your very own captain's hat; who knows, your crew might place more trust in your steering skills.

Delectable Charcuterie:

Enhance your experience with a delectable charcuterie assortment, featuring a carefully curated selection of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts, all prepared to order and ready for your cruise.

Individual Cups

(Minimum Qty of 6 Required): $18 per cup


(Serves 2-4 as an Appetizer): $90


(Serves 4-8 as an Appetizer): $130


(Serves 8-12 as an Appetizer): $170

*Please note that a 48-hour advance notice is required for charcuterie orders.

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