Let’s make it an electric summer to remember!

July 29, 2021

Private party boat rental in Boston with a family and friends.

Being one of the most beautiful times of the year, summer is full of adventures, laughs, and quality time with friends and family. However, day-to-day living can become repetitive with school, work, and routine weekend hangouts. What better way to switch up your social scenery than with Boston’s newest floating social adventure?!

Have you ever craved a boat day with friends but no one around you seems to own a boat? We are here to help with that! Having the ability to easily and readily rent a boat takes away all the hassle, overspending, and upkeep of your own boat. We make it easy on you and take care of all the barriers and difficulties in taking a boat out on a beautiful, scenic, summer day. There is nothing quite like the ocean breeze and that feeling of departing the dock.

Nervous that your jam-packed days don’t leave room for a cruise with us? Have no fear; Boston Electric Boats is now offering a night charter! You and your friends can enjoy the stunning city lights and stars across the sky on one of our eco-friendly boats. The city lights reflect incredibly across Boston Harbor and offer the perfect opportunity to create scenic, unforgettable memories. Summer nights often provide some of the most peaceful times on the water with a comfortable temperature, making it a perfect way to spend a few hours of your night in Boston.

Our electric boats are not only a great experience with friends and family, but the perfect way to change the scenery for your office or team meetings. Bonding with co-workers is incredibly important when it comes to the function, cohesiveness, and performance of the team; and our boats are the perfect bonding, building location! Our boats have center tables that create the perfect space to bring your binder, laptops, or simply just your favorite team members! Our silent engines are sure to not interrupt any meetings or conversation.

For many children and young adults, this past school year was incredibly unorthodox and difficult to manage. These students’ ability to work and thrive through the school year is certainly something to celebrate and we’re here to help you commend them. Boston Electric Boats is located directly next to the Boston Aquarium providing an easy and convenient way to spend an entires day worth of aquatic fun.

Boston Electric Boats presents to you a different way to chill out with friends, switch up your workday, or engage in a fun activity the whole family will enjoy. New experiences call for new everlasting memories to hold onto and cherish forever. There is so much routine to life; let’s not make summer outings one of them!

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