Leveling Up A Boston Night Out

May 10, 2021

We present to you an electric way to experience Boston! After the tough year we have all experienced, it’s time to take back our summer. This summer season we are taking your night out in Boston to a whole new level!

Up until now, your nights probably look very similar; your typical rotation of the same few bars in the same few neighborhoods.  

But Boston Electric Boats is here to change that…

It’s time for new adventures with your old crew! Whether your squad is looking to spice up the typical night out or has a special occasion to celebrate, take Boston by storm this summer; on the water.

Boston MA Boat rentals: An Electrifying Boating Experience

Boston Electric Boats is a private boating experience giving you the option to rent a boat and Be Your Own Captain or charter a boat with a licensed captain included. No experience necessary to be your own captain for the day, just the ability to have a good time. With room for up to 12 passengers, get your whole band back together and truly level up your night out!

Our cruises let you see Boston from all the best angles. The ride begins at our home base, India Wharf Marina, and gives you the freedom to travel throughout the Inner Harbor for unreal views of the cityscape from Charlestown to Seaport. Looking to explore a bit further? We offer an alternate route that cruises to Encore underneath the Tobin Bridge and up the Mystic River. Both options are a recipe for a fun and unforgettable night.

Take a Boat Cruise Boston Residents and Visitors Will Never Forget

So if your friends like to cheers to the weekend and enjoy indulging in all their favorite foods, we encourage packing your snacks and drinks to bring aboard. If your crew prefers the food part to be taken care of we’ve teamed up with Bespoke Boards so you can have an Instagrammable charcuterie board prepared to order and ready for your cruise. Bring your best playlist so you can listen to some tunes and create a soundtrack to your floating adventure. Wear your flip-flops or slip-ons, because we’re about that ‘no shoes nation’ vibe on our clean and comfy boats.

While a night at your favorite bar or restaurant is fun, it can be a bit played out. We’re helping you create the unforgettable memories you’ve been hoping for. Switch up your backdrop and grab your crew, and see the city you know and love in a new and electric way; Boston Electric Boats.

Who’s ready to level up their night out?

See you on the water,

Boston Electric Boats

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