The Electric Difference: Seriously Sustainable, Seriously Fun

June 24, 2021

Fun AND eco-friendly?! Yes; you better believe it. Being on the water is great, but it’s even better when there’s no gas, no fumes, and no noise. And THAT’s the electric difference with Boston Electric Boats!

We provide the boats and you bring the fun. We’re here to give you and your closest friends and family a new, fun, and unique way to cruise around Boston Harbor while experiencing an electric boat that is far less likely to cause harm or pollution to Boston’s waters and marine wildlife.

Our electric boats operate on electrically charged batteries. The battery-powered motor consumes no fuel and releases ZERO emissions, compared to gas or diesel-powered boats which can drastically impact water quality. Our boats do not release harmful substances such as CO2, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulate matter that are consistently released into the atmosphere by other gas and diesel-powered motors.

With 100% emission-free boats, that means no fuel or oil! Our boats require no fuel or oil to cruise, which means they are less likely to cause pollution or harm to the ocean. According to RYA’s Green Blue initiative, a single liter of oil can pollute up to one million liters of water. (Wow, that’s a lot of water!) Since our boats do not need these elements to function, there are no fumes or odors! You can be confident when breathing in all of the ocean air with no concern that the smell of fuel is lingering. One of the best parts of the BEB experience is taking in that fresh salty smell of the harbor.

Another benefit to our electric boats is the sweet sound of nothing! Compared to the noisy engines of other boats, our boats are silent and allow you and your friends to enjoy conversations without interruption. Compared to mechanical propulsion, electric propulsion is simply quieter. Perfect for cruising along without disturbing your vibes and without disturbing the wildlife of the waters!

Soaking in the sounds, views, and smells of the harbor are all part of the experience. Not many people around Boston can say they’re spending time on the water, enjoying their favorite food and drinks with their crew, all while helping the environmental health of the city. Our eco-friendly vessels are plugged in and ready to bring you fun in the sun all summer long! Come by and check out our boats for yourself at India Wharf Marina!

Our crew is committed to helping keep Boston Harbor clean with the support of YOU. We make our sustainable efforts by giving back to Boston Harbor Now, an organization that focuses on increasing the quality and overall awareness of Boston Harbor and the importance of the environmental, social, and economic health of our city!

Don’t let the summer pass you by without joining us for an EPIC boat ride. Go electric with BEB and experience for yourself the electric difference. See you on the dock!

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